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Country Benchmarking

The Country Benchmarking tool is designed to compare the performance of countries across various aspects of public investment and asset management.


The tools aims to evaluate and compare the performance of different countries in terms of their infrastructure services and the quality of their public asset management. This serves to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement, promoting informed decision-making and targeted investment strategies.


1. Infrastructure Services Evaluation

The tool assesses countries’ infrastructure services such as road, rail, power, water, and digital access. By providing a comparative analysis, it highlights the infrastructure sectors where a country excels or lags behind its counterparts.

2. Macro-Fiscal and Institutional Quality Assessment

The Country Benchmarking tool also assesses macro-fiscal and institutional quality elements. It examines how efficiently public assets are used to generate economic output, offering valuable insights into the fiscal health and governance quality of different nations.

3. Climate and Environmental Metrics

Besides the infrastructure and fiscal assessments, the tool includes a green benchmarking component, evaluating countries on climate mitigation, adaptation, resilience, and environmental quality metrics. This helps to identify the nations leading in green development and those needing to bolster their environmental efforts.

4. Digital Development and Institutional Quality

The tool supports the evaluation of digital development in different countries, showcasing their progress in embracing digital solutions. Additionally, it provides insights into the quality of their institutions, an essential factor in effective public asset management.

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