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Promoting greener, more resilient, inclusive, and digitally enhanced public service delivery.


Our primary aim at is to assist governments in enhancing public infrastructure services across Europe and Central Asia. Our focus is on promoting greener, more resilient, inclusive, and digitally enhanced public service delivery.

Why we exist

In today’s world, infrastructure faces increasing threats from climate risks and inefficiencies brought on by outdated, manual processes. Effective management of existing public infrastructure and strategic new investments are essential for promoting green, resilient, inclusive, and digital development.

OBJECTIVE provides a suite of online tools and a learning platform dedicated to improving Public Investment Management (PIM) and Public Asset Management (PAM).

Public Investment Management (PIM)

PIM focuses on enhancing the quality of infrastructure investments, ensuring the right projects are delivered timely and cost-effectively. Our resources aim to assist governments in making better PIM decisions.

Public Asset Management (PAM)

PAM concentrates on effectively managing non-financial assets like infrastructure, land, property, and associated digital assets to optimize public service delivery. Our tools help promote efficient asset utilization, resilience to climate shocks, improved service delivery, and sustainable development.


Digital Government Academy & Web Applications Objectives


Digital Government Academy

The Digital Government Academy (DGA) aims to equip government officials with the skills and knowledge necessary for green, resilient, inclusive, and digital public investment and asset management. The DGA offers:

  • Learning Platform: Online courses for strategic decision-making or sector-specific roles.
  • Community: A platform for sharing knowledge among government officials globally.
  • Resources: Access to best-practice methodologies, guides, and templates.


Web Applications

Our suite of web applications includes no-code tools designed to help policymakers improve PIM and PAM processes.

  • Country Benchmarking: Compare infrastructure, environmental, and economic performance across countries
  • Big Data Observatory: Analyze geospatial data related to socio-economic, environmental, and public service factors
  • Geospatial Planning and Budgeting Platform (GPBP): Analyze public infrastructure access, climate risks, and costs and benefits of new infrastructure investments.
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